Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tamriel Rebuilt: I2-307

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    Observe! The ruins of which I do not remember the name of! Probably will be included in the Sacred East release, since I could not find the unique staff in this location on UESP. This place, as usual for the Dwemer, was used for mining, by the current plans, the miners of this location used Those explodos or whatevers for faster mining. This place also held four security-oriented Dwemer, who were just going over some improvements that they could do on the Steam Centurion when they disappeared. This was an archive post. Also, should you find it, by my plans it would be canon that you would be the first living person to enter these ruins since the Disappearance of the Dwemer.

    * I4-445 has been updated slightly.

      History Of The Claim:
     This claim appears to have been created on the 13th of September back in 2006. Andres Indoril the Younger Than Now volunteered for the duty of taming this claim on the 26th of September of that year, saying that the place would have one entrance and two towers, since he was not restricted by the exterior (but the exterior should have been made to match the interior instead, which it wasn't). He had planned on this to be a nice place. Ludovic, the Now-Fallen Archbeast Of Various Things That I Do Not Remember, denied any notion of this place being nice, due to being a place full of violent robots. He then granted the claim to save time apparently. When the Now-Fallen Archlady of Interiors, Massalinie returned, she was a bit confused as to why Ludovic found the need to speed up the progress, as the reviewing forums were clogged anyway. Ludovic said that he saw that I was online and that I would probably want to mod already if I had claimed it. Ludovic was willing to back down in case it was annoying. Massalinie said that it only gets annoying, because she would miss who claimed what and because she had a system for newer members.

    On the next day, Andres Indoril the Noobling had already finished the claim and supplied a description similar to the one on the top of this post. Ludovic the Lud moved the claim to review, in which it was left alone until the 29th, which was just a couple of days later. On that date, Serric the Reviewing Creature of an Untold Nature, and found the place to be very nice, with a good layout and design, along with great use of Tamriel Rebuilt added items and brilliant detailing. He also mentioned that somehow the enchanted staff of this location had not had its enchantment attached. I was quite certain that I had attached it, since I had killed rats with the staff, but when Serric looked at the staff in the CS it lacked any enchantment. Andres calmly replied that he probably had removed it by accident and that it was Serric's job to fix it anyway. The next day, Ludovic told Serric that only a quick fix was required. Serric supplied it on the first of October of 2006.

    On the 13th of October, the Now-Ascended Thrignar Fraxix, who was the Final Reviewer at the time, reviewed the place and found that some doors did not align well. Andres fixed it on the 19th of October and the Now-Fallen Archlady of Reviewing, Lady Nerevar, found the final fix to be good and approved the claim.

The end.

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