Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tamriel Rebuilt: I3-195

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    Now, it is time to look into the archives of past modding, back to where the story of Andres begins. Today, we shall look into the greatness that is his first interior. Which feels incredibly undetailed now. Huh. Anyway, it is a small shop, that sells weapons. Nice. Feels a fucklot empty though. Anyways, this shall be it for the introductory part to our great tale for today.

      History Of The Claim:
     This is another one of those ancient claims. The first timestamp on this is the 14th of May in 2005, which is identical to the previous one... Huh. The traceable story on this claim goes back to the 18th of November, in which the Now-Fallen Archlady Nerevar demanded an update on this claim. From there, there was silence until the 11th of February in 2006, in which the Now-Fallen Archbeast Ludovic revoked the claim, saying that the Long-Fallen Archlord Hermit had requested for him to do so.

    On the 18th of February, 2006, the Andresbeastling moved in to claim his first ever interior claim! He claimed that this should be easy and jollily claimed the interior for himself. The Now-Fallen Archlady Massalinie granted the claim to the Andresthing and gave him a lot of useful advice to use in the creation of this shop.

    On the 21st February of 2006, Andres Indoril, the modder who had yet to claim the title of Lord, found it amusing that the exterior had actually called the place a potions and ingredients shop. Hah. On the 22nd, Andres Indoril had finished the claim and asked for it to be sent to review, with a lot of confidence. The Now-Fallen Archbeast Ludovic sent the claim to review.

    On the 23rd of March, Ede the Eeeeeevil (as seen by Andres Indoril) reviewed the interior and failed it to a two page list of errors and rated it only a 3/10. On the 28th of April, when Andres Indoril had finally achieved the promotion to the rank of Reviewer, he went to look if his interior had any reviews, and seeing what he saw, he demanded the claim to be revoked.

    On the 15th of October, Andres had had enough, and just went ahead and re-did the interior, since there was no answer to his demands. On the 22nd December of the same year, still 2006 by the way, Haplo, now-ascended-to-one-of-the-Archlords-of-Tamriel-Rebuilt (back then he was an Archbeast of Literature), gave the claim a review, found a couple of errors and gave the claim a rating of 9/10. That was quickly followed by Thrignar Fraxix, now-ascended-to-one-of-the-Archlords-of-Tamriel-Rebuilt, who also found a couple of errors and gave the claim a rating of 10/10. Three minutes later, the Now-Fallen Archbeast ,Nanu Ra approved the claim and asked for the top file to be used for merging. And thus it was....

The end.

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