Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tamriel Rebuilt: I3-724

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    After months of stillness, it is time for a new blog post! A brand new claim! Repurposed from something else most likely! Well, actually, the claim number is large enough for it to be new, let me check....

    A brand new claim! The home of a Cyrodiil-born Dark Elven hunter, who spends little time at home and far more on his hunting trips. His latest hunting trip took him to Solstheim, where he was happily greeted by the people at Thirsk, after he dragged some snow bear meat to the mead hall to cook and eat. A merry feast that was, lots of punches for everyone and mead flowing by the rivers!

    He used to enjoy a fine life in Cyrodiil, until he fornicated with the Countess of Kvatch, which the Count did not like at all. Go figure. Now he makes his headquarters at Old Ebonheart, staying only long enough to make sufficient preparations for his next hunting trip. I guess the hunting trip he is preparing for by the time he meets the player will be a major one.

 * I4-445 has been updated due to approval.
 * I3-706 has been updated due to approval.
 * I3-705 has been updated due to approval.
 * I3-700 has been updated due to approval.

      History Of The Claim:
     Brought to existence on the 10th of October, 2012, by the Archbeast of Interiors, SamirA of a Hiatus Ended, the claim instantly brought happiness to an interior-starved modder, that we know as Lord Andres Indoril the Priest of Iron, if the Iron Council is to be believed. Curse you, Minecraft, for eating up valuable modding time! Everything happened fast, SamirA unlocked the claim, Lord Indoril claimed the claim to tame it as his own and SamirA granted the claim to be tamed as Andres' own.

    On the 4th of November, 2012, the vast efforts that were included in trying to separate himself from Minecraft (which was only defeated by server downtime), Planetside 2 (which was only defeated by some program randomly hogging RAM and Lord Andres Indoril deciding to use the time for modding) and the Song of Ice and Fire series (which was only defeated by finishing a Dance of Dragons) finally paid off, when Lord Andres Indoril declared the claim finished! Rejoice for Lord Andres Indoril has another claim claimed and should start working on that now!

 > On the same day the Archbeast of Interiors, SamirA the not-well-known-enough-by-Andres-to-give-silly-titles, sent the claim to the place where people make nasty  comments about claims. Also known as reviewing.

 > On the 7th of December, 2012, the new Archbeast of Characters, Not the Notling, reviewed the claim to find it full of Andresy greatness and complimented the flora in the window, finding it creative.

> On the 14th of December, 2012, the claim was approved by the Archlord of Reviewing, Thrignar Fraxix of Sload Impressions, who also commented on the claim being the first place he had seen velk nectar used at.

The end.


  1. Congrats on escaping the cubic grasps of the Mind -Craft Andres! I myself have often fallen prey to it's enticing 16x16 pixel trap.

    In all seriousness: crap, I need to get better at updating my own blog. I keep posting work on Bethesda's forums and forgetting to at least duplicate it on my blog if not just linking to a blog post. Silly me!

    1. I should totally make a blogpost about the Temple I am building in Minecraft.... Myess, that would work....

      Ah, thanks for the congrats. :P