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Tamriel Rebuilt: I4-297

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    Welcome to another session of Archive Time! Only one more left! Then we can be done with this silliness and I need to figure out new content to add. Today we shall be looking at an Old Mournhold styled ruined manor deep in Redoran territory that used to belong to an Indoril noble. Probably someone who had good diplomatic relations with the majority of House Redoran and who was often used as the diplomatic approach to Redoran and Indoril disputes. He probably would have stayed more in the Indoril lands, if he would not have wanted to separate himself from the more war-minded Indoril, whom he was unable to tolerate.

    The manor fell into ruin, because a river decided to make its way through it. Great fun. As the lord of the manor was dead, the servants left the back of the manor undisturbed and locked the rest. Now it has been taken by some bandits, amongst whom the thief has been unable to unlock the doors to the deeper parts. The other bandits have found that to be for the best, as they do not want to know what would force the Indoril to give up such an old and grand manor. Venture beyond the jumpywumpy for sixteen screenshots and 3 claim pages worth of claim history. Well, two pages and two posts, I guess.

      History Of The Claim:
     This claim.... can you feel it? It was surely born on the 5th of April, 2009. More than three years ago. A day after it was created, it was stumbled upon by the modder known by the name of Hemitheon, who claimed to need this claim to gobble up all the Old Mournhold interiors. He was only kidding. On the 11th of April, this claim was stumbled upon by our brave and handsome hero, Lord Andres Indoril the Brave and Handsome Hero, who complained about the door to the interior being inside a rock. Literally. Hemitheon suggested that the rock should simply be ignored. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Nomadic1 said that the area needed detailing anyway and with that the rock would also be removed. That was on the 12th of April, 2009.

     On the 15th of April, the claim was approached by Aeven the One That Demands That Andres Make A World Inside Shoes. He questioned about the denizens of this location. Should there be cultists, House Redoran or escaped slaves? Hemitheon suggested that House Redoran should not have their nose here, since the place is remote and ruined. (How this location became related to House Indoril was probably resolved over IRC and thus no record of it is in the hands of Lord Andres Indoril.) The Archlord of Reviewing, Thrignar Fraxix, demanded to know as to what happened to caves with animals inside them.

     But this story first began expanding on the 17th of April, when the claim was stumbled upon by RelinQ, who double-post-claimed the claim for himself, demanding it as something to rest from exterior work with. Nomadic1 calmly granted the claim. RelinQ thanked the Archbeast and apologized for the doublepost. RelinQ ranted about things irrelevant. More irrelevant than the whole claimhistory segments of my posts. Nomadic1 instructed RelinQ to use as much of the the pieces like in_OM_3way_01 as possible, due to this being a ruined manor and not a cave.  Then RelinQ asked more questions, some smarter than others, and Nomadic1 answered those questions. RelinQ then asked how the manor is built to which the Archlord of Haploing answered with a request to check the exterior.

     On the next day, Nomadic1 specified that the manor is carved into a mountain, similarly to the manors in... Kartur? Is that we call it now? I do not remember. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Lore felt the need to specify that this claim is not Redoran. It is a dungeon. Unrelated to House Redoran. RelinQ admited to not having gotten down to decoration yet and thus saw no problem with that and happily announced the desire to add the NPCs as well. Thrignar Fraxix headdesked repeatedly and asked how it was still unclear that NPCs are not added in the interioring stage.  Hemitheon supplied RelinQ with some tips and instructions, for which RelinQ thanked him. Hemitheon mentioned something about sticking around for helping other modders.

     20th of April, RelinQ posted about some gaps, which Thrignar instructed that RelinQ should fix himself. On the next day RelinQ tried to justify it with the meshes being broken and the set being limited. On the 27th RelinQ bragged about almost having finished with the claim. The 30th brought a message of finishment and Thrignar Sent it off to review.

     On the 13th of May, 2009, Thrignar Fraxix sent the claim back to RelinQ, because the design had used the wrong entrance. Or something like that. On the next day, RelinQ had an edited message about working on the claim immediately.

     On the 9th of June, 2009, Thrignar Fraxix reminded RelinQ that the one month mark was approaching. On the 12th, RelinQ promised an update. On the 16th said update was given with an ambiguous message. Thrignar Fraxix felt the need to ask if that meant that the claim was once again done. On the next day, RelinQ confirmed that theory and Haplo sent it to review.

     On the 18th of June, 2009, the claim was reviewed by Cire992, who found the place to be too barren. Haplo commented about Cire not using the reviewing panel. Thrignar claimed it did not matter. Haplo claimed it did. Thrignar remained with the point of the review count being irrelevant. Even on the 19th did Haplo still insist that that number was relevant. Thrignar commented that while the number serves no real purpose, Haplo's obsession can be satisfied by those who can be bothered. He did remain with the point of the number being useless. Cire commented that the only difference between 1 and 0 is 1. Thrignar replied to that by accusing both Thrignar and Haplo in being crazy.

     Thrignar Fraxix sent back the claim to RelinQ for detailing on the 29th of August, 2009. On the 2nd of September, RelinQ posted a new file which he considered complete. Nomadic1 sent the file to review.

     On the 16th of November, 2009, the claim was once again reviewed by Cire, who asked the claim to be sent back once more and mentioned that illegal to sleep here was not set. On the 6th of December, RelinQ wrote an update about having fixed some stuff.

     On the 23rd of December, 2009, RelinQ grumbled about not being allowed to see the posts made in reviewing and thus feeling slightly out of the loop. Mentioned that setting it illegal to sleep here would be weird. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Cathartis, replied in agreement to that one and said that it would indeed be silly to have it illegal to sleep in an abandoned ruin. RelinQ replied that that was what he thought, but was confused by Cire.

     On the 5th of January, 2010, RelinQ asked silly questions about using drums and the whole redware affair (de and com actually being the same set), to which Thrignar replied that drums are fine, but style mixing in misc items would not be allowed. Cathartis came in and mentioned that it is indeed just one set, but using stoneware might be less troublesome. Thrignar Fraxix demanded stoneware.

     On the next day, 6th, RelinQ once again grumbled that the de_redware set only includes a couple of items and agreed to go on with stoneware then, despite it not being aesthetically pleasing for him. Cathartis once again jumped in trying to make it clear that redware is one set, despite Bethesda's naming scheme. He claimed this to be common knowledge. Thrignar replied that he does not have the redware set memorised and said that the point is moot anyway, due to RelinQ using stoneware.

     The 17th of January brought another update from RelinQ, which he considered finished and done with. Thrignar Fraxix sent it back to review for the fourth time.

     On the 6th of February, 2010, the claim was reviewed by Cathartis, who lead our attention to exhibit A - The WTFWall and announced that there were other numerous questionable design decisions and brought to our attention that the recent system change meant that RelinQ no longer had rights to keep onto interior claims and asked for the claim to be revoked. RelinQ quickly rushed in announcing that he was making a showcase at that very time, so if it could be waited a bit with, he would have been appreciative. Our hero, Lord Andres Indoril felt the need to point out that a file that has been sent back three times should have been an auto-revoke anyway. Thrignar Fraxix revoked the claim.

     Lord Andres Indoril, being the clever jerk that he is, quickly claimed the claim for himself on the very same day. Thrignar Fraxix approved the claim, but missed the button due to the claim being on the second page, which an irrelevant claim such as this should not have been.

     On the 7th of February, 2010, RelinQ demanded to know if Andres would salvage any of his work. Thrignar Fraxix felt the need to tell RelinQ that the claim would not have been given back to him even if he had finished an interior showcase and gotten promoted for it, because he had the claim sent back to him four times, when the instant-revoke line is three. Lord Andres Indoril proudly announced that he would work from scratch. RelinQ replied something about being confused as to why the claim was revoked. Lord Andres Indoril mentioned the three-send-back rule once more. RelinQ still did not understand and Lord Andres Indoril explained again, in a less friendly tone. RelinQ thanked Andres for the information. Lord Andres Indoril finished the claim and asked the reviewers to hump the file that he posted. Thrignar Fraxix sent it to review. And thus ended page two.

     On the 10th of February, 2010, the claim was reviewed by Cathartis, who found this interior to friggin rule. The claim was approved on the 3rd of June, 2010, by Thrignar Fraxix who commented on the claim being excellently done.

The end.

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