Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tamriel Rebuilt: I6-62

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    Greetings and welcome back to another session of Archive Time! Today, we shall be looking at a poor home and the home of a similarly wealthy argonian fisherman. These homes reside in the grand city of Narsis. The capital of House Hlaalu and the city that was apparently Necrom according to the Sermons. In the use that is. Clearly, Narsis is not the City Of The Dead. Silly Vivec, prophesying the Argonian Invasion.

      History Of The Claim:
     Born on the 22nd of August, 2009, the claim was quickly specified to have an Argonian fisherman, by the Now-Fallen Archbeast of Lore, Sload (known for his amusing disposition).

     On the 4th of September, 2009, the claim was stumbled upon by a claimhunter named Evil Eye, who found themselves to be in love with the claustrophobic feel of Narsis. The claim was granted by the Archlord of Reviewing, Thrignar Fraxix, who submitted the claim to reviewing on the 11th, grumbling about the lack of message about the completion of the claim. The claim was reviewed by the Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Cathartis, who found it to be a bugnest and asked for it to be sent back. Thrignar Fraxix revoked it instead, since the claimant had not been promoted for interiors.

     On the 24th of October, our hero, Lord Andres Indoril the 80%Paragon/20%Renegade found the claim and demanded it to be his under the given description. The claim was granted by the Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Nomadic1, and Lord Andres Indoril asked about what kind of layout to go with for the lower floor. On the 28th of October, Lord Andres Indoril bumped the question about the lower floor and reported the upper floor finished. Nomadic replied with the prefered layout and Lord Andres Indoril finished the claim the very next day and Nomadic sent it to review.

     On the 9th of November, 2009, Cathartis once again reviewed this claim, this time by the Creator Of Underground Cities that is Lord Andres Indoril. He found the place to be very tidy. Yay for tidiness! Thrignar Fraxix approved the claim on the 7th of February, 2010.
The end.

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