Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tamriel Rebuilt: I2-225

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    Archive time! Today we shall take a look at a Sorcerer's Cave full of danger, danger, DANGER! Or something along those lines, don't ask, just read, maybe comment. In a rare occurrence, I can be absolutely certain that this has been merged to map 2. Though, that isn't that rare to know... Oh well, have a good day.

 * As a coincidence, this was also the claim that I started my silly project of posting claims on DeviantART with, but it also was the only one that got such a treatment.

      History Of The Claim:
     The claim itself was created on the 14th of May, 2005, in a celebration of the new claim system thingy. Yes. Indeed. Quite. Of course. Uh-uh. Oh, yes. Undoubtedly. No argument there. Seriously. I should continue now. Yup. Maybe. Probably. Yeah, I shall do that now. On the 8th of March, 2007, The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Quests, theviking, raided the claim showing people that this is not the way, bonecaves are rare and should be well executed. Thus the work of an attackdrone was lost and all that remained was the name.... "Venymlan Deeps".

    The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Concept Art, Gez, quickly mentioned though, that it would be possible to just replace the architecture, to which our "hero", Lord Andres Indoril, said that theviking said that the cave was also rubbishish. The Archlord of Reviewing, Thrignar Fraxix the Documenting Bastard, quickly revoked it and told the claimer to make it a sorcerer's cave. Lord Andres Indoril quickly replied with "Aye aye, (w)HoR(e)!" and was thus granted the claim by the Archlord of Reviewing and was asked not to forget the spiffy custom skeleton Andres was apparently known for. Andres hoped not to forget. He finished the claim about 12 hours later and then Thrignar Fraxix sent the claim to review.

    On the 10th of March, 2007, theviking review the cave, finding it miles better than its predecessor and rating it a 9. On the 19th, Thrignar Fraxix approved the claim and theviking announced the merging.

The end.

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