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Tamriel Rebuilt: I2-309

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    The post after which even the Archive Time! posts will have Andres Indoril titled as Lord Andres Indoril. A settlement, built by Andres, yay! A whole settlement at that. Hlersis. It was first worked on through the claim of I2-309, but Andres added some additional space during the NPCing stage of it. That is also when Andres added NPCs, whom Archbeast Breadtrusty Crustycoast and someone else might have changed, but certainly gave dialogue to afterwards. The history of the claim section will only document the I2-309 part of it.

    Onwards, this settlement consists of a largeish street-cave, multiple businesses, a tavern, a Temple (which is located at the bottom of the tavern) and a bloatspore mine, that is apparently made of spiffy (and that lies on the other side of the tavern). The settlement is 13 cells in total, so it is a small settlement, based on selling bloatspore to the guild of mages and great house Telvanni.

    Based on the dialogue, it is a very unpleasant place to live in, taking the disease and moistness of the place, but I suppose that is why they have a Temple here, for quick cures and such! The settlement is owned by the Erethan family, who has a plantation nearby. Owning a plantation is unusual among Indoril nobles, but I suppose that exceptions are not a bad thing. It is not like he is high ranking or anything like that anyway.

 * I2-69 has been updated slightly, due to approval.

      History Of The Claim:
     As might be common, this claim was first created on the 12th of September, 2006. It was first encountered by a thing called skittles. It tried to claim it, with words that I now find surprising that the claim was even granted to him. The claim description said that this would be a large cave settlement. So, skittles thought that that meant that it meant bandit cave. No one directly told him that he was wrong either. The Now-Fallen Archlady of Interior, Massalinie, granted the interior. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Something, Ludovic, reminded skittles to take a look at Ashamul and Sarvanni to get an idea of what the place is supposed to be like.

    On the 28th of September, 2006, Skittles posted a post saying wowzerzs and that it had finished the claim in 2 to 3 hours. Confident in his lighting and furniture, he seemed to be quite glad. Of course, that is when Andres Indoril got on the scene to cut down on his fun. On the 18th of November, that was. He found it to have default lighting settings and a lot of bleeders, floaters and the majority of the cave was above the entrance. The cave was also a bandit cave instead of a settlement, as I might have mentioned already. The Archbeast of Literature, Nanu Ra, quickly jumped on the band wagon saying that he was sure he had seen parts of the cave before and agreeing to my previous review. The Now-Fallen Archlady that is Lady Nerevar also looked at the cave saying that she did have to see it to believe it, revoking it on the grounds of tons of errors, ignoring the claim description and possible cookie cuttering.

    On the next day, Andres Indoril joined the thread once more claiming it as an underground shack town of AWESOME, implying that he might add a couple of secret passages that the player could find beautiful or awesome or anything along those lines (though in the end, he only did one passage like that). Massalinie granted the claim, recommending that I also added some spiffy little cave dwellings.

    On the 26h, the Andres provided a status report, and also asked for some advice on what other services to have (as I already had a generic trader). Nomadic One provided the Andres with the idea of a weapons and armor seller, which the place did get. Of course, initally Andres said that it would be a smithy then, to which Nomadic One replied that that would be a silly thing to have in a cave, so Andres went with a weapons and armor seller instead. Ludovic jumped into the thread thinking that it would be nice for the settlement to have a economic purpose, and as such suggested molecrabs, to which Andres replied that the area is in Indoril control and as such that would be silly. Ludovic then suggested kwama to which Andres suggested ebony, to which there was a comment from Nanu Ra saying that ebony mines are boring while kwama mines are even more boring and thus saw that as the lesser evil. Gnomey was next to join in, reminding that the ebony and diamond minings are under Imperial control. There was more irrelevant discussion that I am not entierly inspired to write down, in the conclusion of which the Nomadic One brought out bloatspores, saying that this could work for a poorish location. There was more irrelevant discussion about bloatspore and then on the 19th of December, 2006, Andres Indoril posted that he had finished the claim. Nanu Ra sent it to review and matts05 quickly volunteered to review it, but Nanu told matts not to bother, since he was already reviewing it.

    On the 22nd of December, Nanu Ra posted a review, finding the place awesome. Soon afterwards, Thrignar Fraxix posted a final and Nanu Ra approved the claim.

The end.

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