Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tamriel Rebuilt: I3-155

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    I3-153, I3-151 and now I3-155. It is like I have been hoarding those up. This one is not nearly as impressive though as those two, as this is just a natural cave without even the slightest sign of non-mushroom loot. Yeah, that gives about a fair view of what this place is. Anyway, the claim history might be slightly amusing. This has been an Archive Time post.

 * I3-151 has been updated slightly.

      History Of The Claim:
     From the founding of the claims browser, this claim was also put into the claims browser on the 14th of May, 2005. On the 29th of July of that year, the Now-Fallen Archlady of Reviewing, Lady Nerevar, found this location to be exactly this and thus demanded it to be revoked. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of the Objects Of Tamriel, Stalker of the Stalkythingies, joined the thread telling the Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Vegor, to add this to his list of bizarre interiors, to which he replied with
"Oh the pure brilliance of it! He must be some kind of undiscovered genius. He is the Einstein of Tamriel Rebuilt and we must cherish him, hold him, love him and forever keep him safe. He is an astronaut and a mine engineer both in one. He is a rocket scientist and a marine biologists. This, people, this is our saviour, El Salvador, the only true son of God and the one and only that can lead us all to the promised lands. Now kneel and pray to the Lord that He has sent us evileyebrows."
    The  Now-Fallen Archbeast of Something Or Another, Starcrunch, revoked the interior and sent it back to be claimed by awesome people. On the 15th of August, the Now-Fallen Archbeast of Literature, Xui'al, asked if there was more information on this cave.  On the same day, it was assaulted by someone called AcidSphinx, who had many, many questions about the place. Starcrunch told him to use the claim button. AcidSphinx then assaulted the thread with concepts of a mini labyrinth and Vegor just told him to look at the exterior and to not make it a necromancers hideout if it was by a main road and not to make it a big mine if it was isolated. Or something along the lines. Basically just telling AcidSphinx to use common sense. The Now-Fallen Archbeast of Interiors, Hermit, granted the claim giving a lot of advice that I am too lazy to repeat here. AcidSphinx made two more replies concerning his work on the interior, but I am too lazy to quote all that, and I do feel it to be quite irrelevant to the wider view of this post.

    On the 22nd of October, 2005, the Now-Fallen Archlady of Interiors, Massalinie, revoked the interior, because the previous modder had been inactive for two months. An anonymous person, who probably was Jale, as his account was mistakenly deleted somewhen, but I can't be sure, showed some interest in the claim, but also felt the need to know what kind of a cave this was. The mighty Swiftoak of the Woodwarrior clan, hailing from Kah-Nah-Duh (his location, not my mockery), told him that it was up to the modder to decide.

    On the 23rd of December in 2005, the claim was claimed by The Old Ye Bard, who imagined the place to be a small cave leading to a small dwemer ruin. Stalker granted it to him and he was not heard from again until the 22nd of February, 2006, in which he promised to finish it by the end of that month, which did not happen. On the 20th of June, Massalinie revoked it as The Old Ye Bard had apparently requested her to.

    Uncertain of what happened then, it was once again unlocked from the evil prisons of the N/A forums on the 17th of October that very year, by Lady Nerevar. On the 18th a wild Andres Indoril encountered the claim and tried to tame it by telling it to be a cavelike cave! Massalinie granted the claim, certain that the claim could not become any worse than the image that I have linked above, and Andres Indoril finished it by the 22nd of October, 2006, and Massalinie sent it to review, from what I gather.

    In review, it was encountered on the 4th of January, 2007, by the Now-Fallen Archbeast of NOISE SOUND AND MANY MANY MAGICAL THINGS, Gesshoku, who was quite confused as to what to make of this interior, since it was a cave. But there was nothing more to it. It was just a cave. A decent looking cave, but just a cave. He would usually have proclaimed it too boring, but this just made him confused. On the 8th of January, the Now-Ascended Thrignar Fraxix assaulted the claim with a spoon, proclaiming it to be awesome and made of mushrooms. I mean....  He found it to be another Andres-Quality cave, that he would probably never find. Haplo approved the interior on the same day and this concludes the story.

The end.

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