Thursday, February 11, 2010

An introduction.

An Introduction.
By Lord Andres Indoril.

   There once was a time, when the modders of Morrowind ran wild, forging large packs, such as Tamriel Rebuilt and Great House Fliggerty and many more! They raided the villages, built cities, ate guars, herded long-legged velks, built villages, raided cities, herded guars, ate long-legged velks and much, much more!

   This is the story of one of those modders.

   Lord Andres Indoril was introduced to the world in the summer of 2005, when he stumbled upon a CD with Morrowind written on it. He installed it. Played it. Saw, that it was good. Real good. So he went and bought it and it's expansions, with the belief that one day, he could too, become good. Real good. He worked hard and well, until he moved to the part of the house where there is internet and got to use the internet for good. He travelled the plains of the web and stumbled upon a project of greatness. True greatness. Grandness even. It was great! It was GRAND!

  He looked at it for a bit. He stared at it longer. He eventually.... joined it. And thus, he became a member of one of the truly great packs of Morrowind modders. He felt the power, that this gave him, FLOW through his veins. He saw the mighty rawrs of the administrators, when he attempted to claim an interior. Sadly, the attempt was in vain, due to the, then newly-introduced, modder system, which would only allow certain people to claim things. Lord Andres Indoril felt a great need to become one of such people and thus, the forums of Tamriel Rebuilt saw "Andres Indoril's Showcase"! An object SO powerful, that he was promoted nigh instantly.... Well, he would have been, if the reviewer that was working on his showcase would not have disappeared for a week. Then, Lord Andres Indoril looked upon the project and smiled, as now, he could make a difference.

   Four years have passed since then, and Lord Andres Indoril reigns on the 6th place among the interior modders, ready to bring down a retired member and ascend to the 5th place among the interior modders. His interiors are great. His skills vast. His creativity renowned. His madness and narcissism moving in waves, sometimes making him as sane as the sunlight and as self-hating as a slug, while sometimes, his madness makes Sheogorath shiver with fear, shivering his isles with him, and his narcissism as great as to write this ridiculous text, which is luckily not meant to be too serious. His interiors currently reign at 56 approved and 6 in review! One of the ones in review is actually someone else's and was simply fixed by Andres, but that matters not! His name is on it! And that is, what truly counts. Credit, where it is only slightly due.

   Err... I shall stop with this now. Anyways, this blog will now include some reports on my moddings, some links to my artwork, should some arise and mayhaps some random writing like this one. Anyways, hello and welcome... to LORD ANDRES INDORIL'S MANOR!

...which is a silly place, really.

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