Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tamriel Rebuilt: I3-153

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

    After a long silence and lots of work and such, I have finished another interior! This place belongs to a pair of necromancers, powerful necromancers. They might be lovers, probably are, due to the fact that they occasionally share a bed, but from time to time, one of them falls asleep in the other room of research, where there are more than 1 projects at work, I suppose.

   Uhh... This keep used to belong to the Imperial Legion and might have been overtaken by the two necromancers or a horde of bandits, from whom the necromancers later took the keep. Even now, random bandits, adventurers, the legion and probably even the temple launch operations on the keep, to cleanse it from the blight, that are the necromancers.

   The upper floors of the keep are nicely decorated with bone vines and moss, which has gotten it's way into the keep, when some idiot forgot to close the damn doors. The lower floors, however, are quite well decorated, to give a false feeling of safety, though most people are woken up from that feeling by the piles of corpses and the bone chandelier in the ceiling.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tamriel Rebuilt: I6-21

Tamriel Rebuilt:
By Lord Andres Indoril.

   So, I am starting off with something rather modest. Not particularly impressive either. Just a house. Inhabited by a poor guy, who likes to gamble with his friends a bit and who enjoys his drinks and such, while occasionally doing an odd job or two.

> Oh, and I accidentally forgot that it was i6-21 at first and typed i6-29, which explains the lousy URL.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An introduction.

An Introduction.
By Lord Andres Indoril.

   There once was a time, when the modders of Morrowind ran wild, forging large packs, such as Tamriel Rebuilt and Great House Fliggerty and many more! They raided the villages, built cities, ate guars, herded long-legged velks, built villages, raided cities, herded guars, ate long-legged velks and much, much more!

   This is the story of one of those modders.